a cleaner world

We decarbonize fossil fueled appliances. 

The Carbon Dumpstermakes it easy to go carbon neutral and achieve your sustainability goals. 

The Carbon Dumpstercaptures carbon emissions on-premises at commercial and industrial facilities. The system is connected directly to the source of emissions a furnace, a boiler, a hood, or similar and prevents the carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. The technology even works on vehicles and generators. If you are burning fossil fuels, our technology can capture them.


The Carbon Dumpster is easy to retrofit onto your existing appliances. There is no need for expensive, disruptive upgrades. 


We make net-zero as easy as taking out the trash. When the dumpster is full of CO2, we come and pick it up, just like your trash and recycling.


The system captures your scope one emissions so you only pay when you are emitting. It makes going carbon neutral tangible. 


Chemical Symbol

Proven Chemistry

The system is powered by a chemistry that has already been proven at scale. We turn the CO2 into a mineral, no need for bulky tanks of compressed gasses.

Modular System

Modular Architecture

The system can be right-sized for every customer to meet their specific needs. A single unit can scale to work at properties from 20,000 to 200,000 square feet. 

empty battery

Minimal Energy

The energy intensive components occur off-premises, making it simple to install. There is no need for a major electrical upgrade to decarbonize your operations.

The Team

Aaron BW

Aaron Rose

Chief Executive Officer

David Griggs Headshot

David Griggs

Chief Technology Officer



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